Meritocratic and Situationally Adaptive Organizational Structure.   AWE Communities uses a meritocratic model based upon Situationally Adaptive Organizational structures and
Depending upon the environment, best use of land, zoning and entitlements, it is intended that each community have the following centers and businesses on site to sustain and

Who we are looking for

Conscious and Conscientious

AWE Commumnities are consciously and conscientiously creating a space to benefit the entire human organism; and we are excited to partner with other awake and aware individuals who agree that we as a species are ready to do better. Let’s face the facts: part of being consciously creating a better world as our children's children's planet“conscious” includes an objective and honest assessment of what is really possible when we decide to do something different, and for those of us already traveling in this direction the path is obvious. So let’s work together so we can get there faster.

What we are creating, and are establishing ourselves to continuously create, is a collaborative, constantly growing and evolving, completely open source contributor to global advancements in sustainability, social architecture, fulfilled living practices, education and more. If you are someone already making strides in these directions, or someone who has just known for a long time that this is the path but not had the vehicle to do something, take a look at what we are doing. We can help, we have specific ways we need help, and we are constantly looking for more ways in which to bring together, and be a part of, the creation of this blossoming human story. 

With internet participation, industry partnerships, community membership, open source creation and collaboration, and upcoming weekend work crews, scholarships, sustainability tourism and more, we are building a world changing network and force that will offer something for everyone.



● People who see we can change the world

● People who see obstacles as opportunities

● People who love cooperation and collaboration

● People who see other people as an aspect of oneself

● People with go-getter, pro-active, initiative-taking spirits

● People who love children, animals, nature and other people

● People who value meditation, mindfulness, and going within

● People who enjoy teamwork, group process, and compromise

● People who have everyone’s best interest at heart, no matter what

● People who are eager to share knowledge, talent, skills, and passions with others

● People who can step back and see the big picture when confronted with a challenge

● People who are bold, adventurous, and excited about playing in uncharted territory

● People who see the earth as a living entity, with us as part of it, and want to nurture it

● People who see the big picture and love working with the details that can make it better

● People who value deep relationships and practice loving, compassionate communication

● People who enact emotional responsibility even when triggered and/or pushed to the edge

● People who desire to be a part of  a spiritual family of creators, healers, artists and visionaries

● People who understand the power of perspective and maintain a positive outlook and approach

● People who are trusting and accepting of other people’s choices even if they differ from their own

● Conscious and conscientious creators, awake and aware and doing something with that knowledge

● People who are self-revealing, outgoing, emotionally available, excited to share and unafraid to lose

● People who seek to understand the perspectives of others, are self-reflective, and endlessly forgiving

● People excited to catalyze our planetary evolution to a whole new level of sustainability, love, heart centered living, and spiritual activation

Ultimately, we are looking for people who are ready to support, help create, share and evolve everything on this site, and all the things we haven’t thought of yet, as we strive to do the absolute best and most intelligent and ethical process we can collectively come up with for creating a better future for everyone.


As conscious people we know we are capable of anything we put our minds to. This gift of conscious creation has been continuously exemplified by the history of humanity and its many great achievements. As conscientious people we are aware that everything we do has an effect and we desire to maximize the positive, and minimize the negative, impact of that effect. As conscious AND conscientious people we can create a sustainable platform for never-ending open source collaboration and contribution to a better world for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children that simultaneously provides limitless individual growth, personal fulfillment and happiness, and an environment of unconditional love.