Meritocratic and Situationally Adaptive Organizational Structure.   AWE Communities uses a meritocratic model based upon Situationally Adaptive Organizational structures and
Depending upon the environment, best use of land, zoning and entitlements, it is intended that each community have the following centers and businesses on site to sustain and

AWE Communications & Media Group


AWE Communications & Media Group (“AC&M”) will engage in branding, PR, marketing, selling, licensing and distributing media, events, workshops, seminars and certification courses (“AC&M Offerings”) that promote abundance, wellness and enlightenment including the following:   


  • AWE Communities
    • Land and Home Sales
    • Resort and Hospitality
    • Membership
  • AWE Centers 
    • AWEbunDANCE
    • YogAWE
    • AWEssage
    • M.E.D.I.C.I.N.E.
  • Whole Systems Dynamics
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Permaculture
  • Situationally Adaptive Organization
  • AWE Whole-Person Enterprise Consulting
  • Transformative Economics
  • Sustainable and Renewable Energy
  • Sustainable and Energy Efficient Building
  • Sustainable Community Development and Management
  • AWE Institute Marketing and Fundraising