Meritocratic and Situationally Adaptive Organizational Structure.   AWE Communities uses a meritocratic model based upon Situationally Adaptive Organizational structures and
Depending upon the environment, best use of land, zoning and entitlements, it is intended that each community have the following centers and businesses on site to sustain and

AWE Capital Group (“ACG”)

AWE Capital Group (“ACG”) will be the driver of entrepreneurial and finance endeavors of AWE Communities.   ACG’s purpose is to stimulate, foster and bring to fruition innovation of socially and ecologically responsible entrepreneurial innovation in the community. In alignment with this purpose, ACG will operate the Business and Entrepreneurial Center, which will act as the central hub the finance and entrepreneurial activities of the community.  ACG will be responsible for creating and operating the following businesses: 

Business and Entrepreneurial Center (“BEC”)

The BEC will act as a commercial office space, full-service executive suite as well as a collaborative incubator and support center for community busi­nesses. Options will include office rental, virtual office and conference rooms, mail only, services for rent and percentages of equity and profits for rent, and entrepre­neurial incubator.

AWE Community Bank (“ACB”)

Account services for both global and AWE exchange currencies, financial products such as bank accounts, home and business loans, credit lines, wealth management.  Using fractional reserve banking leverage, ACB provides AWE Community focused capital with affordable and conscious terms giving AWE Community and its members’ access to growth capital.

AWE Ventures (“AV”),

AV will seek to raise a fund of $100 million for equity investment in community entrepreneurs and innovation.  The focus of this fund will be Series A and B investments.

AWE Accelerator (“AA”)

AA will provide services, support, space and mentoring plus, on a selective basis, seed capital, to serious community entrepreneurs with viable and compelling businesses.


Under the umbrella of the entrepreneurial incubator, those entrepreneurs and young companies accepted into the program will be provided with office space and support by AWE Capital and AWE Communities which will, in return, receive a percentage of equity and deferred compensa¬tion in such ventures. As these ventures grow and become successful, they will also provide jobs and economic benefit for the community.  Additionally, community members and businesses can create an internal “fund” to invest in and finance worthy community projects.  ACG will have a finance committee that will man¬age fund, determine how to invest ACG’s capital, review and engage in due diligence on entrepreneurial ventures and will provide leadership and proactive direction to the community entrepreneurs.  If a member of the community utilizes the infrastruc¬ture, IP and resources of the community to build their business, the community will generally receive 15-20% of the earnings and equity of the company determined on a deal by deal basis.