Meritocratic and Situationally Adaptive Organizational Structure.   AWE Communities uses a meritocratic model based upon Situationally Adaptive Organizational structures and
Depending upon the environment, best use of land, zoning and entitlements, it is intended that each community have the following centers and businesses on site to sustain and

AWE Portfolio Farms and Sustainable Agriculture

The cornerstone of the sustainability of AWE Communities will be the “portfolio” farming enterprise. The AWE farms will grow a portfolio of the highest quality and most sustain¬able (ii) organic and super food products, (ii) phyto-medicines and (iii) bio-fuel feedstocks.  Utilizing highly respectful, sustainable and green technologies for growing our products, such as permaculture, bio-dynamics, sonic and other non-violent “pest” control, bio-reactors, com¬posting, recycling and closed loop eco-systems, AWE farms will be a model of sustainably advanced farming technologies and a producer of the highest quality farm products.  These foods and products will be for the enjoyment and health of the community and its guests, as well as a providing an income stream for the community.  In order to generate greater profitability while ensur¬ing freshness and quality, the community will house facilities for processing, packaging, refining, marketing, selling and administering AWE’s farm products.  As well, the community will utilize these resources to form co-ops with local farmers and product manufacturers and leverage this infrastructure in order to acquire, accelerate and service strategic businesses.