Meritocratic and Situationally Adaptive Organizational Structure.   AWE Communities uses a meritocratic model based upon Situationally Adaptive Organizational structures and
Depending upon the environment, best use of land, zoning and entitlements, it is intended that each community have the following centers and businesses on site to sustain and


AWE Communities, LLC (“AWE Communities,” or “Company”) was formed to develop of “Transformative Communities for a Thriving Planet.” These communities are master-planned, multi-use, amenity rich, walkable, smart-growth communities that integrate regenerative (beyond sustainable) living and off-the-grid self-sufficient economic models to provide high standards of living based upon the scalable collaborative consumption.  

These communities are focused on baby-boomer and GenY LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) buyers.  These buyers  represent a strong and growing market for environmentally and socially conscious communities that include sustainably-built environments (e.g., housing, commercial, community) and "smart growth" communities.  

It is the Company’s mission to create a world of AWE - Abundance, Wellness and Enlightenment by creating socially responsible and environmentally conscious communities, businesses, experiences, and education that powerfully transform our relationship to each other and the planet by making it easy and economically rewarding to be socially and environmentally conscious.